Top St Paul Defense Attorneys

Brian McNee Marsden
I serve Minnesota in all areas of criminal defense and pride myself on the successful outcomes achieved throughout this great State. I have successfully fought cases in State and Federal courts covering a wide variety of alleged criminal activity, including: DUI/ DWI, Drug Possession, Drug Trafficking, and more.
Location : St. Paul, MN
Phone : 651.291.5100

Kevin DeVore
Kevin DeVore Criminal Attorney offers experienced criminal defense representation to people throughout Minnesota and the Midwest, and is committed to providing aggressive representation for persons accused of crimes.
Location : St. Paul, MN
Phone : 651-312-6519

Matthew L. Thornton, Esq.
A competent and experienced MN DWI lawyer/ Minnesota criminal defense attorney dedicated to zealously fighting for and protecting the rights of those accused of crimes. Practice areas: All Traffic/Driving/License Offenses, Driving While Impaired (DWI), Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Drunk-Driving, Careless Driving/Reckless Driving, and more.
Location : St. Paul, MN
Phone : (651) 699-2007

Tyler Bliss
Tyler Bliss represents people who have criminal charges against them. Areas of expertise: Domestic Violence, DWI, Police Offenses, Sexual Assault, and Drug Possession.
Location : St. Paul, MN
Phone : (651)789-0192

Eric Rice
Eric Rice is an experienced Minnesota criminal defense lawyer and DWI defense attorney who can help you with your matter. Eric uses his skills to get great results for his clients. Types of matters: DWI Theft, Assault, Drugs, Expungements, Criminal Sexual Conduct, White Collar Crime, Prostitution, Appeals, Probation, and All Criminal Matters.
Location : St. Paul, MN
Phone : (651) 998-9660