Top St. Catharines Defense Attorneys

Daley, Byers Barristers & Solicitors
Daley, Byers Barristers & Solicitors are experienced and well respected criminal lawyers with decades of experience in the Ontario Courts fighting to preserve and enforce the rights of their clients. Daley, Byers has in-house resources and access to consultants and expert technical specialists that can be utilized for your defense.
Location : St. Catharines, ON
Phone : (905) 323 7685

Chown, Cairns LLP
Chown, Cairns LLP has criminal lawyers with a wealth of experience and expertise in all criminal law matters, and can provide an aggressive defense of all charges under the Criminal Code and other related statutes, including representation at trial and in the Appellate Courts.
Location : St. Catharines, ON
Phone : 905-346-0775