Top Portland Defense Attorneys

Timothy M. Bowman
If you are charged with a crime, or are concerned that you might be, I can help you. I have had a criminal defense office in the Portland area for 30 years. I have successfully defended people accused of crimes throughout the state of Oregon, particularly in Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas counties. Privately retained criminal defense is all I do. I represent individuals who have been formally charged with a criminal offense or those who believe that they may be charged with an offense. My efforts are focused on meeting the charges head-on. If there is a way to help you out of a serious situation, I will do my best to find it. I have an excellent network of experts and consultants to draw from. If advisable, I can bring in experienced private investigators, forensic psychologists, forensic scientists, and other expert assistance as needed.
Address : 222 Southwest Columbia Street, Portland, OR 97201
Phone : (503) 224-7878

James F. O’Rourke Jr.
Oregon attorney James F. O’Rourke Jr. has practiced as a criminal defense and personal injury and wrongful death lawyer in Oregon, representing people in DUII, DUI, Drug Crime, Property, Measure 11 and other crimes and automobile injury accident and death cases for over 29 years. Oregon lawyer O’Rourke works with an extensive network of Oregon professionals from various disciplines to provide effective legal representation for his many clients.
Address : 522 Southwest 5th Avenue #710, Portland, OR 97204
Phone : (503) 221-1425

Laurie Shertz
I handle exclusively the defense of criminal cases, both before charges are filed, during the investigation phase, as well as afterwards as your case proceeds through the criminal justice system. My goal is to determine how you want to handle your case, to minimize the damage a criminal charge can have on your life, to provide you the information you need to make informed decisions, and then do everything I can to help you achieve those goals. Mission: To protect and assert client’s rights while guiding them through the legal process. To provide excellent personal service with integrity. To give clients the peace of mind of feeling truly represented by professionals who care about getting the best possible results for them.
Address : 121 SW Salmon, 11th Floor, Portland, OR 97204
Phone : (503) 471-1332

Raivio, Kohlmetz & Steen, P.C.
Our law firm takes on only criminal defense and personal injury legal matters. In our criminal defense practice, we represent people charged with criminal offenses in both state and federal court – our clients are both adults and minors charged with either misdemeanor or felony crimes. In our personal injury practice, we advocate for the rights of the injured and their families. Our attorneys are defined by the depth of their experience. Our most senior partner, H. Scott Raivio, has more than 30 years of legal practice to his name, and our other three lawyers each has more than a decade of practice to their credit. We have all focused our legal careers on either criminal defense work or personal injury work – and our decades of focused legal practice greatly benefits our clients.
Address : 741 SW Lincoln, Portland, OR 97201
Phone : (503) 821-7449