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Blumberg & Associates
Our Arizona criminal defense attorneys understand that being charged with a criminal offense is not the same as being guilty. Our experienced attorneys have handled thousands of jury trials, bench trials, and pre-trial settlements throughout Arizona. We routinely handle federal and state criminal matters involving, sex offenses, drug crimes, DUI / DWI, traffic offenses, violent crimes, white collar crimes, domestic violence, juvenile offenses, and probation violations.
Address : 3600 N 19th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85015
Phone : (602) 277-6180

Law Offices of Joshua S. Davidson
The Law Offices of Joshua S. Davidson is a Phoenix-based Criminal Defense Law Firm that provides services to clients throughout Scottsdale, Tempe and Glendale. Joshua S. Davidson's main areas of practice are Criminal Defense and DUI Defense and he defends individuals accused of the following criminal offenses: * DWI/DUI Offenses * Drug Crimes * Domestic Violence * Sex Crimes * Assault * Kidnapping * Violent Offenses * First Degree Murder * Weapons Charges * Bench Warrants * Expungements * Post Conviction Issues * Probation Violation * Fraud * White Collar * Internet/Computer Crimes * Theft Crimes * Juvenile Crimes * Property Offenses * Child Abuse * Vehicular Manslaughter * Extreme DUI * Unlawful Imprisonment * Unlawful Flight * Unlawful Discharge * Stalking/Harassment * Second Degree Murder * Robbery * Resisting Arrest * Negligent Homicide * Marijuana * Manslaughter * Narcotic Drugs * Dangerous Crimes * Endangerment * Dangerous Drugs * Disorderly Conduct * Drug Possession * Arson * Armed Robbery * Aggravated Robbery * Aggravated Assault.
Address : 1421 East Thomas Road, Phoenix, AZ 85014
Phone : (602) 493-3600

Robert J. Campos & Associates, P.L.C.
The law firm of Robert J. Campos & Associates, P.L.C., has been proudly serving the citizens of Arizona since 1996. The Firm specializes in the defense of clients who are accused of, or charged with, a criminal offense. As a dedicated and knowledgeable defense attorney, Mr. Campos understands that good people make mistakes. Mr. Campos strives to expertly and agressively defend the rights of his clients. Unfortunately, if you are charged with a serious criminal offense, co-workers, friends, and even family members may abandon you. Mr. Campos and his staff understand this fact of life and will stand side by side with you until the completion of your case.
Address : 51 East Lexington Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85012
Phone : (602) 222-3440

Law Offices of Scott David Stewart
Whether you’re facing charges or have already been arrested, it’s important to understand what you can expect as your case goes forward. At the Law Offices of Scott David Stewart, our criminal defense attorneys make sure that you understand proceedings, hearings, plea offers and sentencing guidelines in order to evaluate the options available to you. Dedicated to fighting for the best possible outcome for our clients, we honestly assess your case, the defense strategies available to you, and the advantages and disadvantages of plea agreements.
Address : 777 East Thomas Road #210, Phoenix, AZ 85014
Phone : (602) 714-7997

Beresky & Fish, P.C.
Founded by attorneys Justin Beresky and Geoff Fish, our firm has earned a great reputation within the legal communities of Maricopa County and Pinal County as well as the sincere thanks of many previous clients. We have accomplished this through a combination of honesty, hard work, a commitment to professional excellence and a fierce determination to achieve the best possible results for each and every one of our clients. Even so, no law firm or attorney can guarantee certain results. But what we can guarantee is that we'll put those same qualities to work for your defense.Our criminal defense practice includes: * Domestic violence * Drug possession * Marijuana * Meth * Drug trafficking * Drug manufacturing * Drug sentencing * DUI and extreme DUI * Theft and forgery * Assault * Murder and homicide * Gun crimes * Sex crimes * Probation violations * Human smuggling.
Address : 1421 East Thomas Road, Phoenix, AZ 85014
Phone : (602) 714-1632