Top Orlando Defense Attorneys

Leppard Law
Joel Leppard, an Orlando DUI lawyer, aims to provide each client's case with the time and attention that it deserves. In 2016, Leppard Law was rated as one of the "Best of Yelp" Orlando law firms and one Expertise's 2016 Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in Orlando. Firm eponym, Joel Leppard has received awards including the Avvo DUI Client's Choice Award in both 2015 and 2016, is ranked as the 2016 #1 Best DUI Attorney in Orlando by Best DWI Attorneys, was elected to the prestigious National College of DUI Defense in 2015 and is rated a perfect 10.0 by Avvo. Joel Leppard has defended represented thousands of Florida residents. Mr. Leppard is also the author of the DUI handbook entitled "The Florida Consumer Guide to DUI Defense."
Address : Leppard Law, 638 Broadway Ave, Orlando, FL 32803
Phone : (407) 476-4111

The Ladan Law Firm, P.A.
The Ladan Law Firm, P.A., located in Orlando, FL offers aggressive and knowledgeable legal representation to residents in the central Florida area, including Orange, Seminole, Volusia & Osceola Counties. We have over 30 years of DUI and Criminal Defense experience.
Address : 121 S Orange Ave #1420 Orlando, FL 32801
Phone : (407) 487-2522

Whitney S. Boan, P.A.
Whitney Boan is an experienced Orlando criminal defense lawyer with 11 years of trial litigation experience who is committed in serving her clients by treating them with dignity and respect, by humanizing them to the court and to opposing counsel, and by expeditiously and aggressively assisting them by protecting their legal, civil, and human rights through what is sometimes a daunting and complex legal system.
Address : 390 N Orange Ave #2300, Orlando, FL 32801
Phone : (407) 413-9569

Finebloom & Haenel P.A.
Finebloom & Haenel P.A. is the premier choice for Criminal Defense in Orlando. If you or a loved one is charged with a criminal offense, it is essential that you consult with the right defense attorney to assist you with your case. You must remember that your wellbeing and your familys wellbeing are at stake. Our firms skilled attorneys can handle various types of criminal charges such as DUI, Sex Crimes, Assault, Battery, Theft, Drug Charges, Traffic Tickets, Misdemeanors, and Felonies. The aggressive criminal defense attorneys at our firm will fight in order to attain the finest possible result for your situation. Contact our firm today to avail of a free case evaluation. Our lawyers at Finebloom & Haenel P.A. are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Address : 2480 33rd Street, Suite B, Orlando, FL 32839
Phone : (407) 472-1912

Katz & Phillips, P.A.
An aggressive, client focused law firm defended those accused of DUI and Criminal Charges throughout Central Florida.
Address : 121 South Orange Avenue #1420, Orlando, FL 32801
Phone : (321) 332-6864

Grozinger Law, P.A.
Grozinger Law is an Orlando law firm that focuses on criminal defense. Founder Patrick Grozinger is an experienced criminal trial attorney dedicated to protecting his client's Constitutional rights while providing them with the courtesy, professionalism and respect they deserve. Mr. Grozinger is licensed to practice law in the Texas, Florida, the District of Columbia, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit and the Northern, Middle and Southern District Courts of Florida. He is proficient in French, and he is also a member of the Orange County Bar Association.
Address : 1217 East Robinson Street Suite B Orlando, FL 32801
Phone : (407) 730-3085

Mark NeJame
For more than 25 years Mark NeJame has been a leading and renowned defense attorney and litigator, having represented thousands of clients throughout Orlando, Florida, the United States and the Caribbean. The Law Firm includes five distinct divisions: civil / commercial Litigation, criminal defense, family law, immigration law & personal injury.
Address : 189 South Orange Avenue, Suite 1800 Orlando, FL 32801
Phone : (407) 245-1232

Richard E. Hornsby, P.A.
Since 1949, the Hornsby family has been defending Floridians against the government and its prosecutors; and Orlando criminal defense lawyer Richard Hornsby proudly continues that tradition. Handling only criminal defense, DUI defense, and injunction cases, Orlando lawyer Richard Hornsby is dedicated to fighting for your rights, reputation, and liberty.
Address : 1217 East Robinson Street, Orlando, FL 32801
Phone : (407) 540-1551

The Umansky Law Firm
At The Umansky Law Firm, each of our Orlando defense attorneys has more than 10 years of criminal law experience. We are former prosecutors and former public defenders with extensive trial experience. We know how to craft a case for a judge or a jury and we know how to get results! Put our experience to work for you. From our Orlando and Winter Park law offices, our criminal defense lawyers defend men and women facing misdemeanor and felony charges throughout central Florida, in Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Brevard, Lake, Polk, and Hillsborough counties. * We help people charged with a criminal charge for the first time in their life, as well as people facing serious criminal penalties because of past offenses * We defend students at the University of Central Florida facing drug and shoplifting charges. * Our Orlando DUI lawyers defend truck drivers whose commercial drivers' license is in jeopardy from a DUI/DWI or other type of traffic violation. * We defend tourists arrested while on vacation in Florida from any state in the United States and internationally from England, Scotland, Brazil, Spain, Europe, Columbia, and France.
Address : 1945 East Michigan Street, Orlando, FL 32806
Phone : (407) 228-3838

Eric J Dirga
Our law office is dedicated to providing excellent client services and legal advice for all criminal matters. The Criminal Justice System is a complex world and our goal is to professionally defend each of our clients through the criminal court process with experience and sound advice. In all criminal cases, the accused has many Rights and it is the Attorney's job to defend those Rights. Our clients deserve to be defended each step of the way to ensure that their Rights are acknowledged and protected and the best defense is provided. Defending our clients from all accusations. Our experience in the practice of criminal law (Drug Possessions and Offenses, Shoplifting, DUI, Domestic Violence, Aggravating Felonies, etc.) led us to expand our practice to include criminal traffic defense (such as driving on a suspended license, Drunk Driving, and Racing), sealing and expunging of criminal arrest records, probation violation defense (and early termination of probation), civil traffic ticket defense (to avoid getting a suspended license, points, etc.), juvenile cases, and appeals/post conviction relief.
Address : 1631 Hillcrest Street, Orlando, FL 32803
Phone : (407) 841-5555

Scott & Medling, P.A.
If you have been arrested for and charged with any crime in or around Orlando Florida, you face a serious problem. Criminal charges in Florida, depending on their severity, can carry heavy penalties or have serious consequences, which is why you need to secure a lawyer as soon as this problem arises. You are guaranteed representation under the Constitution, and the attorneys at the law firm of Scott & Medling, P.A., have been representing clients charged with crimes in Florida for many years. We are a full service law firm specializing in criminal defense for Assault & Battery, Burglary, Theft, Drug Crimes such as Marijuana, Cannabis & Cocaine Possession & Trafficking, DUI / Drunk Driving, Homicide, Sex Crimes, Weapons & Gun Charges, as well as traffic offenses.
Address : 1515 East Livingston Street, Orlando, FL 32803
Phone : (407) 894-0055