Top Oakland Defense Attorneys

Nabiel C. Ahmed
A criminal defense attorney based in Oakland, California. My mission is to provide my clients with the best possible defense against accusations of DUI, traffic offenses, drug possession charges, sex crimes and all other criminal charges.
Address : 1330 Broadway #948, Oakland, CA 94612
Phone : 510-992-6060

Beles & Beles
Our criminal defense law firm is well respected throughout the judicial system and legal community. Our legal team is rounded out by a dedicated group of lawyers with a variety of talents that benefit our clients. We all have impressive qualifications and a drive to defend people who are accused of crimes.
Address : 1 Kaiser Plaza, Oakland, CA 94612
Phone : (510) 836-0100

Alanna D. Coopersmith, Attorney at Law
Criminal defense lawyer Alanna Coopersmith has represented hundreds of people accused of criminal activity. But what sets her practice apart is that she knows that no two cases are alike. She listens to what you have to say. She investigates the facts thoroughly.
Address : 2201 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612
Phone : 510-628-0596

Traback Du Bois & Ikuma
Traback Du Bois & Ikuma is a client-oriented law firm. We handle a wide range of cases, including: Violent crimes, white collar crimes, DUI and traffic offenses, drug cases, internet crimes, and juvenile crimes.
Address : 1611 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA 94612
Phone : (510) 835-8005

Douglas Slain
Criminal defense attorney Douglas Slain has been practicing law since 1970. His law firm specializes in providing aggressive criminal defense services to clients in Oakland, San Francisco, County of Marin, and throughout California.
Address : 1300 Clay Street #600, Oakland, CA 94612
Phone : 510-730-1009