Top Memphis Defense Attorneys

McAfee & McAfee, PLLC
Our Criminal Attorneys have more than twenty years of combined legal experience to put to work on your behalf. Our firm is led by attorney Marty McAfee who is a Certified Criminal Trial Specialist and Certified Criminal Trial Advocate. Our law firm handles nothing but criminal defense. It's all we do, and we're good at it. At McAfee & McAfee, PLLC, we take the time to listen to your concerns and your description of events, and explain your legal options. Then we dig into the case, gathering evidence, police reports, documentation, and witness statements. When we speak to the district attorney to negotiate a resolution to your situation, we have the facts to back up our requests. If a fair resolution cannot be negotiated, we are prepared to go to trial to defend your rights and advocate in your best interests.
Address : 251 Adams Avenue, Memphis, TN 38103
Phone : (901) 881-9275

Law Firm of Stephen R. Leffler, PC
The Law Firm of Stephen R. Leffler, PC based in Memphis, has represented clients and those accused of misdemeanors and felonies in Shelby County and throughout Western Tennessee since 1985. Our criminal defense attorneys handle a full range of federal and state criminal charges as well as civil and criminal appeals. Our personal injury lawyers have secured multi-million dollar judgments in cases involving civil rights violations, wrongful death, and work-related injuries. The attorneys and staff at our criminal defense and injury law firm are well-versed in all aspects of Tennessee law, with significant experience in these practice areas: * Criminal Defense * Felonies and Misdemeanors * Federal Crimes * State Crimes * Car Accidents * DUI / DWI Cases * Personal Injury * Wrongful Death.
Address : 707 Adams Avenue, Memphis, TN 38105
Phone : (901) 527-8830

Mark McDaniel
As a Memphis criminal lawyer, Mark McDaniel presents every client's defense in the most positive light possible. If you have been charged with a crime, you should be represented by a criminal attorney who is well-versed in the specifics of Tennessee criminal law, to ensure that your case is handled skillfully and all avenues of defense are pursued. We understand the significance of a thorough investigation of the facts, as well as good communication with the prosecution, in order to achieve an effective criminal defense. Our law firm can help with the following: * Drug crimes * Traffic Tickets * Firearms (guns, weapons) * Domestic Violence * Robbery * Burglary * Theft * Sex Crimes * Juvenile Crimes * Credit Card Fraud * Drunk Driving * Internet Crimes * Prostitution * Kidnapping * Money Laundering.
Address : 243 Exchange Avenue, Memphis, TN 38105
Phone : (877) 242-1681

James W. Curry
When you are facing criminal charges that could have a serious impact on your future, you need a lawyer who understands what you are up against and will work hard to protect you. I have practiced criminal defense law in Memphis, Tennessee, since 1994. I understand the legal system and I will work with you to find creative solutions in your defense. I represent clients in federal and state courts regarding a variety of charges: * DUI and DWI * Traffic violations * Drug crimes * Domestic violence * Assault * Theft, shoplifting, burglary and robbery * White collar crimes * Weapons / firearms charges * Sex crimes.
Address : 8 South 3rd Street #204, Memphis, TN 38103
Phone : (901) 730-6005

Mark Renken
I am a criminal defense lawyer who provides aggressive and experienced legal services to adults and juveniles charged with a crime. Some of the criminal matters I handle include: * Drug crimes * DUI defense * Traffic violations * Representation for university and college students * Theft/fraud/shoplifting * Computer Internet crimes * Domestic violence and assault * Adult and juvenile charges * Federal crimes * Misdemeanor and felony charges.
Address : 44 North Second Street #300, Memphis, TN 38103
Phone : (901) 521-4302