Top Columbus Defense Attorneys

George C. Luther
The criminal justice system is complex and intimidating. Picking the right criminal defense attorney makes all the difference in the outcome of your case. Let Mr. Luther's extensive knowledge and experience in both state and federal court work for you. He believes that individuals are not only entitled to a defense, but a strong defense. Criminal defense attorney George C. Luther has a proven history of aggressively representing clients not only in trial but also in plea negotiations with the prosecution. He strives to challenge the prosecution at every step of the criminal system and is not afraid of taking on the most challenging cases.
Address : 536 South High Street, Columbus, OH 43215
Phone : (614) 224-7210

Jeff Reynard
My practice is focused on helping people faced with felony and misdemeanor criminal accusations, drunk driving charges, and traffic tickets. Dedicated to serving clients in Columbus, Franklin County and surrounding areas. I strive to obtain the best possible outcome for my clients and keep them informed of their legal situation. Time is of the essence in a criminal case. Hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer quickly will ensure that you are protected from the outset. The investigation and defense of a criminal charge is no small task and should never be handled alone. Dealing with police and prosecutors can only be effectively done with an experienced attorney.
Address : 35 East Livingston Avenue, Columbus, OH 43215
Phone : (614) 461-8080

Scott & Nemann Co., LPA
In any criminal matter, our attorneys have the experience, expertise and dedication to effectively protect your rights. When you retain us for your defense, we will begin an immediate investigation to locate witnesses, review police reports, medical records and other pertinent information for your case. When necessary, we will bring in experts who can assist in building your defense. * DUI/DWI/OVI * Sex crimes * Drug crimes * Federal offenses * Traffic violations * Juvenile offenses.
Address : 35 East Livingston Avenue, Columbus, OH 43215
Phone : (614) 441-8552

Brandon Novosad L.P.A.
If you or someone close to you has been or is about to be charged with a DUI or other criminal offense, whether a misdemeanor or a felony, I encourage you to contact a skilled criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. I represent individuals in criminal cases involving: • DUI/OVI • Traffic Violations • Alcohol/Drug Offenses • Assault and Battery • Sex Offenses • Domestic Violence • Theft Offenses • Juvenile Crime.
Address : 35 E Gay St Ste 303, Columbus, OH 43215
Phone : (614) 221-2144

Law Office of Eric J. Allen, Ltd.
We serve clients in all criminal defense matters including defense of alcohol-related offenses like DUI/OUI, sex crimes and drug offenses, and have experience handling matters with more serious consequences — including life in prison or the death penalty. The Law Office of Eric J. Allen, Ltd. is dedicated exclusively to criminal defense. We handle criminal defense in state and federal courts, state and federal appellate work, and federal habeas corpus petitions. Regardless of the seriousness of the charges you face, we can help protect your rights with effective representation. We advocate for convicted clients with parole representation, post conviction petitions and appeals.
Address : 713 South Front Street, Columbus, OH 43206
Phone : (614) 678-5102