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Military Trial Lawyers - Gagne, Scherer, & Associates
As civilian military attorneys, we reprsent members of all U.S. military branches across the United States and world wide.
Address : 6585 N. Avondale Ave. Suite D Chicago, IL 60631
Phone : (773) 774-6741

Law Office of Steven Fine - Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney
Steven Fine is an experienced aggressive criminal defense attorney. Mr. Fine has litigated hundreds of marijuana, cocaine, heroine and other drug cases during his career. Mr. Fine has also defended individuals accused of possessing weapons, violent crimes and internet related offenses.
Address : 53 West Jackson Boulevard #1260, Chicago, IL 60604
Phone : (312) 922-0855

Michael J. Petro
One of Chicago's most respected criminal defense attorneys, Michael J. Petro, has earned a reputation for providing high quality, aggressive legal representation in Chicago and around the United States. Criminal defense attorney, Michael J. Petro, earned this reputation by providing his clients with the highest standards of diligence, knowledge and professional advice, and by steadfastly protecting his client's constitutional rights. Whether a client is seeking a Federal criminal defense attorney or an Illinois criminal defense attorney, Michael J. Petro treats each client’s situation with attention and importance.
Address : 53 West Jackson Boulevard #324, Chicago, IL 60604
Phone : (312) 913-1111

Law Office of Fred Mark Dry
The consequences of criminal charges can be very serious and life changing if you don't have an experienced criminal defense lawyer at your side. At the Law Office of Fred Mark Dry, we handle criminal law in Chicago, and we do it well. If you have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense in Chicago, whether it be your first, second, or third DUI offense, DWI, drunk driving, drug possession, sex or internet crimes, weapons charges, traffic violations or murder, you need to contact an aggressive defense attorney who knows Chicago criminal laws.
Address : 180 North La Salle Street #2910, Chicago, IL 60601
Phone : (312) 346-6699

Denise M. Nalley
When you need a criminal defense attorney to fight for you, look no further than the Law Office of Denise M. Nalley located in Chicago, Illinois. One of Chicago's most respected and experienced criminal defense attorneys, Denise M. Nalley, has earned a reputation for providing high quality and aggressive legal representation in Chicago and it's surrounding suburbs. A former Cook County Prosecutor, who understands both sides of the law well, Denise is committed to providing her clients with an aggressive and effective criminal defense. Denise understands that it is of the utmost importance to vigorously protect her clients' Constitutional rights.
Address : 203 N. LaSalle Street, Suite 2100, Chicago, IL 60601
Phone : (312) 558-1382

Law Office of Meczyk Goldberg
Our criminal defense law firm fights the toughest charges — substantial drug/contraband seizures, white-collar crime, robbery, murder, racketeering, public corruption, sex offenses, weapons charges. We handle grand jury proceedings, bench trials, jury trials and appeals. Founding partner, Ralph Meczyk, is one of a select group lawyers to be certified by the Illinois Supreme Court as lead counsel in death penalty cases. In addition to his more than 30 years in the practice of criminal law and extensive trial work, Mr. Meczyk argued before the United States Supreme Court in the landmark case of U.S. vs. Caballes in 2004, and has appeared in almost every U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals throughout the country.
Address : 111 West Washington Street, Suite 1025, Chicago, IL, 60602
Phone : (312) 332-2853

Robert Callahan
Robert Callahan has defended people of all races, sexes, nationalities and economic classes and will use extensive resources, professional relationships and superior legal knowledge to protect your constitutional rights. Specialties of Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer Robert Callahan: * Murder * Drug Offenses (Possession, Trafficking, and possession with intent to distribute) * Federal and Felony Charges * Illinois DUI Attorney and Chicago DUI Lawyer * Weapons * Sex Charges * Embezzlement and Fraud * Assault and Battery * Juvenile Crime * Violent Crimes * Theft and Burglary * Domestic Violence * Probation Violations * Hit and Run * Traffic and Felony Traffic Offenses.
Address : 53 West Jackson Boulevard #1442, Chicago, IL 60604
Phone : (312) 322-9000